Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment is today a talent management tool. That allows you to improve the personal growth of resources and retain the best talents.These are the main objectives that we are trying to pursue with the adoption of an internal selection system. Which is necessary and important for the personnel selection strategy for 77% of the 363 medium. Large companies – French German British and Italian companies  involv in the research that in Italy Cornerstone OnDemand. The American company that develops Cloud solutions for talent management. Commission at the Politecnico di Milano  in collaboration with HRC Academy .

Internal Recruitment Finding The

In third place among the reasons that push to resort Japan Phone Number to internal recruiting, at European level, there is the general improvement of retention , while for Italy the effects on engagement count, i.e. on the involvement and sense of belonging to business.However, while admitting its advantages, most Italian companies (59%) use internal selection for only one position out of three, while the other countries use it more frequently.

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Out of two follows standardiz Processes in line with the European average one in three still. Does not have standard Procedures against 18% in Europe.

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