French Influencers in 2019 Influencers Are Gradually Taking

Influencers are gradually taking a place in the lives of consumers, and mainly that of the youngest. Their ecosystem is evolving and will continue to evolve. It can be important to incorporate them into a digital strategy, depending on the type of people you are targeting. But for it to be effective, you have to understand who the French influencers are in 2019. Your digital strategy agency explains how they have evolved this year. In 75% of cases, brands contact influencers to do product placement , that is, to highlight the product they have received and make internet users want to buy it . They can then present various and varied products, such as food, beauty products or even cars, for example. It depends on the influencers’ favorite theme (lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, etc.). Then they are often contacted to share a promo code with their community.

What to Remember French Influencers Are More and More Numerous

French influencers are more and more numerous and generate a lot of engagement with Internet users. They have therefore become a real strategy for companies that want to make themselves known and sell their products through social networks. The Bahamas WhatsApp Number List understood that the opinion of influencers could have a strong impact on the consumption habits of Internet users. According to a study, the majority of influencers are in their twenties and do product placements in Instagram posts. Being an influencer is a new profession that has emerged thanks to the expansion of digital and the ubiquitous use of social networks in the lives of consumers.

The Profile of French Influencers This Year in Its June Supplement

Thus, according to figures reported by statista, 30% of respondents in france watch online videos on their smartphone daily. Video is therefore the format to adopt. It must nevertheless be kept in mind that the scenario must be extremely effective. Because all the success of a 6-second video lies in its creativity and originality. A short period of time, where it is important to go to the essentials while making an impression. To do this, we can make internet users laugh with a touch of humour, touch them by sharing universal emotions, surprise them, etc.

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