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Want people to trust you and spread the buzz around your product? One of the best and most interactive strategies you can use to achieve these goals is to utilize user-generated content (UGC). According to a study by TurnTo Networks, 90% of consumers Rwanda B2B List user-generated content influences their purchasing decisions more than any other form of advertising. That’s because brands don’t pay for UGC at least, in most cases, they don’t). Why do you need it? Here, we explore 15 examples of great brands using UGC and how to adapt them to your own campaigns.

Why You Need User-generated Content Benefits Of Generated

Customers love seeing content shared by brands they celebrate themselves – it’s a great positive feedback loop. The UGC campaign and social media go hand in hand. Your satisfied customers may end up tagging their friends in your UGC, which will lead to more engagement and growth from your networkers in the Rwanda B2B List addition to using it as a content source, user-generated content is also a goldmine of data. Analyzing data from customer opinions and feedback can give you valuable insights into improving or reducing your products and services.

To Capture A Ton Of Authentic User-generated Content Travelex


Rwanda B2B List

Run a photo contest to publicize and get customers to spread the buzz about your product. Offer rewards in exchange for engagement, then use branded hashtags to get your followers excited to post on social media. Red Cup Contest incentivizes Rwanda B2B List customers to participate online for rewards. Not only will this lead to brand exposure, but it will also increase sales. This is because to participate, users must first purchase a red mug before taking pictures.

Travelex makes every day an event day by launching a 12-month photo contest. They use unique hashtags like Travelxwow each month to encourage their fans to engage more than once, with the goal of accumulating valuable audience data and driving multi-channel engagement.

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