In the Internet of Things, Context Is King

The Internet of Things is on the horizon Board Members Email List of content creators

and data scientists alike, though many have a guarded stance on the subject right now. So what sort of effect can digital marketing expect from the Internet of Things?

Whenever the ‘Internet of Things’ is mentioned the first place my brain goes to is my fridge. I mean, that tends to happen anyway, only in this case my fridge talks to me. It tells me

what it’s missing rather than having me guess and I end up buying way too much cheese. Mind you, can you buy too much cheese?


Board Members Email List
It does sound sort of fantastical in a slightly boring way,

and I’m still unconvinced as to how much such a thing would enhance my life. But I don’t think I’m ‘there’ yet.

While a fridge that tells me about my dairy-based shortcomings might not be my idea of a utopian future, the Internet of Things (IoT) of course promises to be much, much more. It’s set to be the connective tissue that holds together this body of parts we’ve been growing these past few years. And the content marketing world needs to get there, pronto.

Their clients’ most exciting future opportunity

Not just future importance
The marketing community foresees the IoT as a massively

important future shift, as it should. But in terms of fitting it into their marketing strategies right now, a significant proportion is waiting for a technological advancement beyond a talking fridge,

which is rather short-sighted. For a start, BI Intelligence reckons that connected-home device sales will drive over $61 billion in revenue this year, rising dramatically to $490 billion by 2019. So we’re well on the way there.

More to the point, however,

imagine for a second that you’re back in the mid-‘90s:

the mobile revolution is in full swing, the internet as we know it today is in its infancy and your hairstyle is incomprehensible. Now imagine you are one of a handful of people that can confidently predict the arrival of the smartphone. You wouldn’t dream of not incorporating that knowledge into your future plans, would you?

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