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A new company blog is appearing on our platform, that of IMIE. The Institute of IT and Business Professions is a training center specializing in retraining for IT professions. Their blog will be an opportunity to discuss company news, but it will also have a much broader vocation! The theme of training and work-study will be regularly addressed. Their certain expertise will make it possible to obtain a great deal of advice and information on the subject. Do not hesitate to ask your questions and to visit the Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List ! It will certainly become a reference on the subject in the coming months. On the occasion of the launch of the blog, I invite you to find its owner, Vincent Plançon, in an interview where he explains to us the vision of IMIE’s training.

A New Company Blog Is Appearing on Our Platform

Good reading,Can you introduce us to IMIE? IMIE is a training center specializing in retraining for IT jobs (Development, Systems and Networks, Project Management). We support trainees from various backgrounds but who have in common a motivation and a serious professional Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List . This training center has existed for a year and it takes over from IFC and the School of Networks which have existed since 1994 and of which Daniel . We are located in , where a team of 10 people coordinate their efforts to support trainees in the realization of their project. How does IMIE stand out in its vision of training? For us, there are two essential players in training: the trainee and the company. IMIE was born from the observation that there is a real gap between the profiles of IT professionals on the job market and the needs of companies.

The Trainee and the Company

Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List
Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List

The consequences are twofold: – Companies have unfilled positions– People with potential are unemployed with the resulting economic repercussions. IMIE therefore combines its lines of work in such a way as to “improve” this match. On the one hand by offering technical training to obtain a solid foundation, on the other hand by  Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List in the fields of Systems and Networks and Software Development. Then, we strive to turn as much as possible to companies in order to know and assess their needs through partnerships such as with Alliance Libre. This allows us to develop our courses and put a coherent offer in front of the needs of the companies that trust us. Finally, we don’t do training for the sake of training. How do you view work-study and training in view of the economic situation? Has it become an opportunity?

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