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How often do you feel completely focus on your current business with a strong sense of control over the situation. The State of Flow Minimally Csikszentmihalyi Hungarian professor of psychology known. For his research on happiness and creativity through his studies has clearly explain. To reach high levels of performance and concentration.

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The guiding principle is the one that relates the level Belize Phone Number of challenge that each activity brings with it, with the skills of the individual who is carrying out them. Just think of a tennis match. Barely know the rules of the game what you will find yourself. Experiencing will be a feeling of anxiety and inadequacy. Hand you are opposed by a simple Sunday player what you will experience will be the most absolute boredom.

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The brain reserves all its resources on the execution of the task freeing itself from any distraction and focusing all its energies in that direction. This means “having entered the flow”. State diagram in a Challenge / Skill relationship The scientific explanation lies in the fact that the brain is able to handle a very limited number of contemporary information.

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