ICT Companies

The sector is relatively new and extremely niche and has seen the proliferation of companies. That have decid to invest in this technology in a short time. Regards the professional figures  being essentially a co-design activity agre. With the customer or even an activity by pure subcontractors. A commercial point of view. Technical Hunters – the company specialized in the search and selection of professionals in middle. Senior management  has select 3 Project Managers for the market. A figure comparable to today’s market demand as a whole.

ICT Companies Is The Hunt

A great opportunityfor companies looking for specializ Greece Phone Number personnel. In fact if in order to meet these extremely peculiar needs the smaller companies generally. Decide to invest in recent graduates or young professionals personally taking care of the training of their employees.

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The particular professional profile of the Project Manager usually starts from an entry level of 40,000 euros as gross annual salary, to reach peaks of 60 / 70,000 euros for the most experienced figures. Approach to the specialized labor marketalmost obliged by 3D printing companies, if they want to attract leading professionals from well-established fields to a sector that.

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