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Here is the 29th edition of the Toolbox . You will find 6 useful and practical services and resources to support you on a daily basis. Good discovery ! Ajaxdom Are you looking for a new domain name ? Ajaxdom facilitates your Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List engine allowing you to check the availability of ndd according to their extension. Convenient and quick to use. ajaxdom social icons pack A new set of icons dedicated to social networks . It’s sober and successful, ideal for sharing your online presence on your blog. social icons Wibiya This tool comes in the form of a toolbar at the bottom of your blog.

Ajaxdom Facilitates Your Search With an Ajax Engine

Your visitors will find additional features (search engine, translation, link with Facebook, etc.). A calendar will then appear (not too intrusive),  Google Calendar to have Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List access to your appointments. Practice. thin calendar Cardxc Easily create your printable business cards or their online equivalent. We’ve seen better in this area (including Business Card Star , my favorite), but it’s always good to have a choice.

A Calendar Will Then Appear

Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List
Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List

Cardecu font capture Seen at Thierry , Font Capture allows you to create your own fonts from your handwriting . Hoping the results are better than with Yourfonts , visibly disappointing. Like every year, the end of summer Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List the upcoming arrival of Blogday . Set for August 31 (3108 = blog in leet speak ), this event aims to exchange and make visible blogs that are not used to it, all in a good mood. A return to basics of the most life-saving in the context of a blogospheric climate that tends to deteriorate.For those who have not experienced Blogday last year, here are its basic rules.

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