HR Journey

In a context of crisis that produces negative effects on unemployment wages labor  costs. Productivity the HR management of companies can play a leading role in finding a correct balance between business.  People’s becoming a transformation leader of companies. Which identifies 3 main areas of transformation relating to the organizational profile.  In terms of new professional roles and profiles of internal. External activities of Business Partners HR service models based on the logic of the digital workspace. Organizational models based on Smart Working.

HR Journey How To Overcome

The HR Departments who, abandoning outdat Oman Phone Number models and false security. Identity acquiring awareness of their fundamental role as a change agent. Catalyst for the transformation of existing organizational models. The third Report of the HR Innovation Practice Observatory of.


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the profile of the HR Department in terms of activities use of outsourcing. Skills to be develop to foster innovation. Support the business the role of digital technologies in the management. Development processes of Human Resources analyzing their impact on the key. Metrics of the HR Department the work models and the role of the HR Department as agent of change.

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