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Among other things this translates into programs to attract talent such as. Discover and to develop talents including those to encourage international rotation. For example a system of explicit objectives for the export. Moreover one does not join the senior leadership team if one has not had a significant international. Experience that is a position of responsibility for a certain period.

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By 2015, 47% of employees in the European Union Israel Phone Number will be born after 1980. Almost one in 2 workers will be use to using technology. Expect to continue to use it with the same effectiveness in the company. The point is that the HR director right now has to deal with four generations at work from digital natives. Born after 1985 who have always chew bits to “veterans” born before 1950 who perhaps view digital with suspicion. In between those who have experienc the economic boom and those who have moved from the ZX Spectrum to the iPad.

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Each with their own way of working, with their own history, with their own skills and expectations.”The HR director – comments Sabino Pisano, Business Development Director of NorthGateArinso – finds himself in a difficult situation: he is called to have a vision to be an important player in the planning of business strategy, but at the same time he must perform execution to align the organization to business processes “.

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