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Another goal continues Urban is to standardize and improve the management of . HR processes IE performance management training management. Management by objectives  supporting them in the central systems. We opt for a  hybrid scenario  traditional SAP solutions for Payroll management for the creation of the central HR platform. Success Factors which is a Saar solution for soft processes.

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More specifically, Success Factors was born in 2001 as a Cameroon Phone Number software-as-a-service performance management solutions specialist , then expanding coverage with succession, compensation, recruitment and learning management functions, and was acquired by SAP in February 2012 . Last March in its Magic Quadrant for Talent Management suites. Garner awarded Success Factors leadership in this area for completeness of coverage. Strategic and financial strength estimating 3,500 client companies for core performance features. Management and considering it particularly suitable for multinational user companies.

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Finally, a third objective of the project, underlines Urban, is to delegate the application management of the HR system to a single partner . The IT application management of the Payroll systems and the new central system will be entrust to Northeastern.Which support Pirelli on this project, with a” global “and” local “approach that was important both in the initial stages of designing the solutions, as well as in the deployment activities »

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