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Inaccuracies of this type for companies can be harbingers of significant consequences for the company: the incorrect registration of an invoice can both cause late payments and the charging of penalties, and the payment of invoices that should instead be resolved. In the worst case, an inaccuracy can also cause the breakdown of relationships with customers, suppliers or vendors.This investigation is a wake-up call for companies across Europe . The results clearly show that many companies are still a long way from the digital age and that they are still not exploiting all the technologies available to support the productivity of their employees and workflows, ”said Giancarlo Soro, Country Operations Manager at Lexmark Italy .

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Administration Too Implementing information systems helps companies increase. Employee productivity by reducing operational costs and errors associated with manual processes. However most of the administrative procedures Hungary Phone Number such as filing contracts. Processing orders  registering the information contain in. Dusiness cards in the database are still done manually. This is highlight by a research conduct by Lexmark on 714 employees in 12 countries including. Belgium France Germany Hungary Italy the Netherlands Poland Portugal South Africa Spain. The Unit Kingdom 70% of the sample reiterat that the time dedicat to administrative procedures. On the other hand 50% believe that these practices take too long to complete. 59% reply without delay that the administrative processes are too complicat and complex.

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The study also shows an interesting correlation between the complexity of the procedures and the time spent to complete them. A third of employees spend at least three hours a week dealing with administrative tasks . It is precisely from these factors that the need arises to simplify and standardize procedures. To eliminate existing, antiquated and unproductive ones. However the implications of manually managing administrative procedures are even more relevant for. The company go far beyond mere employee productivity. In fact a quarter of the interviewees stat that the greatest criticality is represent by the tendency to make mistakes. Which as not by two thirds of them has actually caus the charge of unexpect costs .

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