How to Get Copyblogger Blog Consulting Even if You Don’t Win

So, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is, if you haven’t heard from me, you didn’t score a free blog consultation . The good news is, Brian and I are talking, we’re going to drive 10 points. But this time, I’ll do things a bit differently.

You see, we always thought that a consultation to Switzerland Phone Number List offer a blog might be popular, but we don’t know how. I think we might be somewhere between 60 and 100 candidates and Brian expects a little more. We are not prepared for what happened, though. We receive applications straight 3 hours almost every minute. I spent almost the whole day looking at them!

How to Get 1 of 10 Digits

Worst of all, a lot of people are wanted very badly. they request. They hit me on Twitter. They pay bribes (the plate of cookies is tempting, by the way). I may have only picked those people, I think, but it wouldn’t be fair. Also, there are still not enough spots. Figuring out what to do with it really becomes a problem. That’s a good question, sure, but the question remains.

Switzerland Phone Number List
Switzerland Phone Number List

So, Brian and I got on the phone yesterday about what to do. Below is our decision. How to get 1 of 10 digits Simply put: I want to charge a reasonable fee. The money is not huge, as you might expect. I don’t want to be greedy, it would be totally against what I’m trying to do in the spirit, which is to give back. At the same time, the basic rule of marketing is to give people what they want. Get their contact information and ask them to come back later if needed.

Now to Get the Scene

But, never, ever ignore people when they tell you what they want. So, here’s the deal. For $95, I’m going to check out your blog and get 30 minutes on the phone with you to point you to the company just for you. Considering that a lot of ebooks cost that much, and the opinion is barely so personal, I guess it’s still at least a little stealing in the spirit of giving back. Of course, I also slam Copyblogger with all the other consultations, and everything we do here, so I can’t do a bunch of these right now. So, I’m going to limit it to only 10 people.

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