How to Create a Blog That Really Diggs

Have you noticed that some bloggers seem to rise to the top of Digg over and over? You might think that they’ve discovered some magic formula for getting attention  built ” Digg culture on their blog”, or that they’ve just gotten all their friends to Digg’s own posts. They may. Although many people take the most important step before they even start their own blog.

They have chosen to love a niche in UK Phone Number List the social media crowd. The secret: give them what they want. The most successful bloggers don’t try to manipulate readers into voting for their posts. They just give what they want. It’s all about your audience . If you want to be on the front page of Digg, write about topics that Diggers love like Ron Paul, Apple, or bloggers. What if your blog doesn’t cover these types of subjects?

The Secret to Long-term Social Media Success

If you love a “mundane” subject like gardening? The traditional advice is to favor some positions. For example: Prince Charles grows cannabis in his garden (Scandal: 950). Introduction to Square Foot Gardening (Frugal: 734 Decorations) eat you alive? Try Eco-Friendly garden in like manner, Plants to Repel Mosquitoes (Surprising: 796) it works. The only question is, do you really want to tilt all your information just to catch the eye?


UK Phone Number List

Without that kind of take away the point of blogging about gardening? Of course. Also, you can write out stuff that isn’t really interesting and quit. The secret to long-term social media success. Your best bet is not to skew your posts. It’s the overlap between finding your passion and the topic social media users have fallen in love with.

Changing the World with a Green Thumb

Let’s go back to the gardening example. If you’re a fanatic, you might trace the history of different types of plants, but unless it’s about gender murder or politics, you won’t get much attention from social media. Instead look at your passions. For example, you might think that gardening makes the world a better place. It just so happens that Digg’s love story is about helping the environment and saving the world . So, you decide to start a blog called “ Changing the World with a Green Thumb at the Same Time” and you write a post like this:

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