How to Be in the Top 5% of Bloggers: New Research Findings

We have indicated that it is often possible that you are sick. Content marketing doesn’t work unless the content is really worth reading. Everyday, phone-it-content won’t get your audience, leads, prospects, or conversions you need.

Andy Crestodina got on track at Media Studios and is one of the Hong Kong Phone Number List content marketers who really got it. When I found out that Andy had conducted 1,000+ blog surveys for specifics about how they work, I knew I wanted to get a post together to share our takeaways from the survey. Good content takes time. This is a lot of work. It can be hard to make time for when we have deadlines and meet on release calendars.

Even Better: a Solid Weekly Post or Monthly Masterpiece?

Every blogger, every content creator is looking for a balance between quality and quantity. All of us. So how much time and how much work is really needed? Let’s dig into some details from the orbital survey and see what we can glean.  The first thing the data shows is the huge variance in the amount of time spent blogging each post. 54% of bloggers spend less than 2 hours on a typical post Blogging is just 5.5% after every 6+ hours spent.

Hong Kong Phone Number List
Hong Kong Phone Number List

The survey showed such large differences in what people put into their content. Only 15% of bloggers have a formal editing process 4.9% of bloggers write 1500+ words in a typical post Less than half of blogs use multiple images 14.7% add video If you’re curious, Copyblogger typically takes around 5-7 hours to create (sometimes quite a bit), but work spreads out over several content creations.

Will You Be Average or Awesome?

Because we have the luxury of an editorial staff, we spend a multi-stage editing process in addition to the time spent on each post by the original author. If you don’t have a team of writers, don’t worry. Solo content creators are perfectly capable of creating great content. As well as some of the web’s best bloggers produced by individuals. A key is to give yourself enough time to create high-quality work. Strong writing is the product of a combination of factors, but these always include time proofreading, editing , fact checking, and rewriting. Let’s work on producing content in several stages – a draft phase.

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