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My name is Brandon and I’ve had a successful blog: I live with my wife’s parents. No one knows who I am. And I keep asking, “When do you get a real job?” Thankfully, Weibo needs Kathy Griffin to join their list of suggested users on Angelina Jolies .

After a few months, I had more than Kazakhstan Phone Number List half a million citizens following me. most of them? They don’t know who I am or not. So why are they still below? I’d like to think it’s because of my neurotic and charming personality, or because I use social publishing tools to inspire positivity and help those in need. But…based on what’s been re-tweeted and my logs, they’re still below because I’m using a snapshot copy .

Brief Description

Snapshot copy is a phrase I use to describe humor-infused writing skills for your day-to-day copy. You won’t be a George Carlin, but using a snapshot copy will make you 20% more fun than you really are. And that’s not 100% interesting for Carlos Mencia.

Kazakhstan Phone Number List
Kazakhstan Phone Number List

Way to be 20% funny right now: 1. Brief description Enough said. 2. Compare and contrast the identified objects If I said at the beginning that  Twitter wants a Brandon Mendelsohn to join their Robert Scobles, a few you’ll find interesting. By using two very different people that your audience can identify, the audience has a funny mental image they can laugh at. 3. Surprise your readers What can I do to head Seth Godin?

Surprise Your Readers

Our stuff laughs because it shouldn’t go together. Or because it was supposed to come together, but we never made the connection. Your job is to make these connections for readers. 4. Know Your Audience (Don’t Get Bosses) I have been reading Copyblogger for a few years now. I know many of you either have a blog or some interest in writing online. So I started the stereotypically struggling blogging life to help you connect with me. If you don’t know your audience, and if they can’t be with you, you’ll fail horribly at trying to surprise and entertain them, no matter how hilarious the joke. 5. Don’t kill your jokes (until they’re 18 and want to get into college) Everyone knows that when you edit, you have to be ruthless. But when it comes to your jokes?

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