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A discount on working hours This in practice translates into a discount on working hours but without deduction of wages.  Company will be able to question them online to guarantee a right of inaccessibility that is to. Say an absolutely private space.The mono-maneuver aims to provide a real deterrent for.  Dosses who now contact their collaborators at any time of day or night. Including weekends and holidays. BMW is in order the last German company that is riding this trend. Which in fact in Germany has already seen the birth of numerous initiatives to put a stop to overtime.

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The background The forerunner was Deutsche Turkey Phone Number Telecom, which for four years has made sure that its employees are not forc to read emails outside working hours. Even if this only had a positive impact on a small slice of employees. Bayer and E.On have instead arrang that no one should receive emails in their free time. More extremist Daimler which has provid that all emails receiv after the activation of the automatic response of out of office are delete.

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But working after hours is not only a concern for employees, even the highest spheres often fall victim to it.  History, significance and technological evolutions for the benefit of the business 18 There 2021Retail Health Manufacturing Retail management how to do it and with which tools networking and analyticsConnectivity and data analytics for the restart of the retail worldCultural marketing, what it is and how to promote cultural eventsWhat digital transformation means for the retail sector 2 of 5

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