Homme Sweet Homme, When the Homo-modernus Returns to Nature

Going back to nature has crossed our minds at one time or another. Abandon everything (work, daily routine, …) to go on an adventure, discover new horizons and live in harmony with yourself… Yes, but here we are, reality always ends up catching up with us. It’s not as simple as that, and while many have thought about it, very few have taken the plunge. The Homme Iran WhatsApp Number List is here to make up for it. The principle ? Promote the reunion between the homo-modernus and nature . Or in other words, the departure of two workers who decided to go to New Zealand for a year with only a suit and a briefcase as their luggage . Ideal for taking a step back fromworking life and our current lifestyles.

Through Their Adventures. Briefings and Mission Reports

Last year, Blog action day brought together 12,000 bloggers who reached no less than 14 million readers. Proof that the message can get through! The approach is of course symbolic, but I find it well seen. What emerges is an optimistic vision of the blogosphere : unity is strength, and Iran WhatsApp Number List issues still exists. To date, 700 blogs have already been registered for 5 million potential readers. Many non-profit associations are associated, such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International. But of course the concept does not stop there! A mysterious Mr Paul Smith Jr , president of the association, is behind the operation. He guides the two adventurers, Adam and Souleymane , through their adventures. Briefings and mission reports will be regularly offered to subscribers to the newsletter.

The Approach Is of Course Symbolic

Iran WhatsApp Number List
Iran WhatsApp Number List


Beginning of hostilities on September 30 in Wellington. In the meantime, here is the presentation video. To follow closely!You can show your support by Iran WhatsApp Number List or button on your site. Here is the presentation video . Do not hesitate to participate !This can create some serious misunderstandings! The Belgian joke of the day : I still laugh about it. How to scare your girlfriend? : it really makes you want to try! Vegetable ink : unfortunately, we sometimes lose on one side what we gain on the other… This is valid in ecology as elsewhere. 100 Possibilities Project : photographer toys, it gives pretty visuals.

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