5 Ways to Share Your Story With Confidence

This blogging and social media thing is easy, right? Set up a free blog for yourself, have things you want to post about and you go. Tweet it, hook up to Facebook and fly with you.

For, as easy as baking candy. Whether you blog about your career, India Phone Number List your relationships or your candy-baking business, sooner or later most bloggers come across how many “them” they put on their blog and social media presence and what they choose to hold back . Dan Schawbel mentioned I Book 2.0 on his Gen Y personal brand.

Use Your Fears

Presently, personal branding is about discovering what’s real and unique to you, and letting everyone know about it. Trouble is, for a lot of people the consequences of that statement aren’t as terrifying as an evil clown clutching a big bag of spiders. Next, in my own Gen Y work, I’ve seen this work with all the advice on social media and career branding that’s missing a critical part is the inner drama needed to throw you and your personal brand online .


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It takes self-confidence and guts to ask yourself the big questions. Because the, and more confidently put your experience and the world that lives there to see. Suddenly, it’s easy to start a second guess yourself – wondering who you really are, doubting your ability to put it together and write it down. In the foreground, here are five ways to build your confidence as a blogger. So you can share yourself and your personal brand with the world with confidence.

Use Your Story

Those other people (that you feel are better or easier to do than you) have never felt intimidated don’t think for a second. There is a whole new experience, a learning curve, danger, and a challenge and fear. Does this worry bother you? This is not to stop you. It’s there to let you know that you’re going to stretch out a little. Its presence says , “Hold tight to your hat and keys, we’re about to go.” So knowing that fear is the deal, the real question is part – are you excited enough about your subject, your brand and your ideas to move forward with both fear and excitement as allies? 2. By the time, use your story One, the best asset you have is your own story.

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