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The Hadopi soap opera goes on and on. Many would not have signed for a new season, but the “producers” seem determined to keep this saga on the air. While waiting for a probable spin-off in the months to come. Problem, the European Parliament has just inflicted a real snub on him. Amendment 46 (former amendment 138) of the Telecom UK WhatsApp Number List, according to the Journal du geek , the “ obligation for member states to go through a prior order from the judicial authority before any suspension of Internet access.

Many Would Not Have Signed for a New Season

It has just been voted by an impressive majority, 407 votes against 50, making Hadoop outlaw in the event of adoption of this Telecom Package. However, it is not over, as Ozan points out: the fate of the UK WhatsApp Number List yet been decided. Indeed, for the text to be ratified, the Union’s telecommunications ministers need to accept it or, failing that, for the 27 member states and the European Parliament to find common ground on the text . According to Jean Quartier , the fact remains that the interests at stake ” go far beyond the Hadoop law alone: ​​new European regulator, protection of privacy on the web, opening of the markets for high-speed networks and radio spectrum , reform of the GSM directive.

The Telecoms Package

UK WhatsApp Number List
UK WhatsApp Number List

A rejection would delay the adoption of a new package by three to four years. Mind Overflow welcomes: The mobilization of many Europeans has made it possible to show everyone the importance of digital UK WhatsApp Number List affirm that Internet access. Whatever one may say. Is indeed a fundamental right in total contradiction with the essence of the Hadoop project. Licensed by TF1 for its position This is the event of the day . Screens announced the news this morning. It spread like wildfire: A TF1 executive hostile to the Hadoops law wrote to his deputy. Françoise de Pantafive. So much for the summary.

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