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Here is my selection of the best posts of the past week. On the advice of a reader (Jonathan), it slightly changes form to become a little more readable. The titles are thus highlighted in relation to the source blogs. In addition, the competitions continue on the blogosphere, with in particular a pig (yes) and a DVD box to be won. Good reading ! Tools and services tool  an rss feed aggregator as I like : a handy feed aggregator widget. Twitter gets a makeover : and Malta WhatsApp Number List hot topics of the moment. Towards a better exploitation of content and an opening to a wider audience? : Korbin opens a wiki on the theme of freedom of expression and use of the web with a view to popularization.

Here Is My Selection of the Best Posts of the Past Week

And incidentally, it is exclusively girls. Who said they were absent from the micro-blogging? New Wikio Widgets: Display the latest articles on your blog that link to you. The French version of Yahoo! Buzz online since this morning : the digg-like par excellence? Web news and reflections paper Friend Feed: it doesn’t deserve so many waves : Thierry Crouzet continues his series on Friend feed, star service of last week, already much calmer this week. There is still a lot to say on the subject. What is a Community Manager? : video interview with Fadhili Brahimi on a booming profession. Community management: Interview with Flavian Chantel: an interview (of me) on the Malta WhatsApp Number List of federating a community for a brand. The three major stages in the evolution of the web: very interesting analysis by Louis on the different phases that the web has known.

Who Said They Were Absent From the Micro-blogging

Malta WhatsApp Number List
Malta WhatsApp Number List

Facebook still the leader, Twitter on the rise. Here is an update on this year’s trends. What strategy(ies) to avoid digital Alzheimer’s? : what about the sustainability of our online business? Relaxation relaxation Ecological business cards: your business card on a tree leaf, it’s original! Seen on the Malta WhatsApp Number List its holiday silence. Extreme ironing: New very extreme sensations : unearthed by Ludovico from , this new sport will wreak havoc.

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