Google Will No Longer Consider Multiple Statements in the Robots

Google is the search engine with more than 90% of the global market share (Source: StatCounter ). It is therefore an essential player for companies wishing to gain visibility in search results. The web giant, which is part of GAFAM, keeps updating GoogleBot – its indexing robot. A novelty will arrive on September 1 , 2019: the robot will no longer take into account certain declarations of robots.txt. Your SEO agency tells Cambodia WhatsApp Number List you more about this new update. It was in 1994 that martijn koster, software engineer and webmaster. Created an initial standard following the invasion of web crawlers on his site. After collaborating with other webmasters. The rep – for robots exclusion protocol – is developed and adopted by search engines in order to help website owners.

Which Declarations Will No Longer Be Taken Into Account

Google gives webmasters the option of not indexing. Certain pages, in particular thanks to the index declaration in the robots. File – which lists the areas of the site that can be indexed. It is one of the main components of the web and has Cambodia WhatsApp Number List been for 25 years. However, it, and the other statements targeted by this update. Did not become an internet standard and has never been updated. In order to help website owners and developers. Google wants an official standard for its rep.

Why Will Google No Longer Count Them Google Gives Webmasters

As google mentions in its blog post on this novelty. The declarations present in the robot did not have documentation and did not correspond to the initial. Standard created by martijn koster. Google then made the decision to no longer count code that addresses unsupported and unpublished rules. Even if google will no longer take into account the statements cited above. Solutions exist to continue to de-index web pages. The Googlebot will no longer take into account crawl-delay, no index, and nofollow declarations. Indeed, these do not have documentation and do not correspond to a standard, which the internet giant wants to change.

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