Google the Choice of Search Engine on Android Auctioned

On august 2, google’s director of product management. Paul gennai, released a statement revealing the change that will be adopted for 2020. The subsidiary of the company alphabet will auction the location of the default search engine for android users. From next year, on first use, users will see a message to choose a search engine among. The four that will be offered. Then, the chosen engine will become the default one and the one used with google chrome. This modification will only take effect in europe because. It will be put in place in response to its order to pay a fine of 4.3 billion euros, which dates back to july 2018. The European Commission accuses Google of having a preferential position regarding Android smartphones.

A Disadvantage for Secondary Search Engines

Google specifies that the auction will be distinct in each country. Each search engine will be able to bid on the countries of its choice. But, the only condition set by google is a minimum bid threshold per  Albania WhatsApp Number List country in order to enter the auction. Of course, google will automatically be part of the list of four providers that the user will see at startup. This will therefore leave few opportunities for ecosia. Lilo, or qwant, to name a few, to complete the last place of the four proposals.

A Measure on a European Scale on August 2 Google’s Director

Following this huge fine received by the European Commission. Google seeks above all to prove its good faith with this measure for android smartphones.  And despite its intentions, Google is clearly asserting its domination of the market by monetizing. These market shares and maintaining a preferential position by default in all the countries concerned by this new system. Do not hesitate to contact your digital agency. If you are looking for help with your digital strategy.

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