Google Images a New More Practical Desktop Version

A few days ago, we presented something new on Google Images: the arrival of AMP and Swipe to visit on the image search engine. Today, we invite you to discover the new design of the Google Images interface, which has indeed had a makeover this week. You may have already noticed that Google Images has changed a bit on the desktop version. Yes, this time it’s not the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List mobile version that’s improved, but the desktop version. Your SEO agency shows you what the new design looks like. When you type a query on the Google Images search engine, the new interface does not seem to have changed. It is by clicking on an image that the change operates. Indeed, usually, when you clicked on an image, it appeared in a horizontal banner on a black background under the selected image.

It Remains Static When Scrolling Through the Search Results

In addition to the location of the preview image. It remains static when scrolling through the search results next to it. One can thus explore the displayed image results while keeping the selected image on the side. What’s more, if you have selected several images, you can easily find them. The one that interests you by clicking on the “Back” button of your browser. This  Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List greatly facilitates the search for images because you no longer have to scroll and review. All the images to find the one you are interested in. The new version includes some changes to existing features. So some buttons have changed places. The share button, only symbolized by an icon and no longer the verb “Share”, is found under the image.

What You Must Remember a Better User Experience

For Internet users, this facilitates the search for products when they go shopping, as well as their decision-making. On the side of e-merchants, this helps to generate more traffic on their website by being first transparent, but also informative and complete. Be aware that for these elements to appear on Google Images, you must add tags to your product pages. The very ones you need to use to appear as a featured snippet on the SERP. If you are interested, refer to the page dedicated to developers on Google.Google Images a New More Practical Desktop Version We Presented Something

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