Google Chrome 2 Available for Download

Released a few months ago, Google Chrome has been offering a new version for a few days . It’s called… Google Chrome 2 ! Among the improvements detailed by the official blog , we note: The homepage : Chrome offers a personalized homepage with overviews of the sites you visit most often. You can now delete the sites of your choice. Practical to avoid Taiwan WhatsApp Number List… Full screen mode: a full screen mode is now available with the F11 shortcut. Auto-completion of forms : no need to retype the same fields for each form, the browser now remembers recurring elements. Better stability : more than 300 bugs have been fixed.

The Browser Now Remembers Recurring

Even faster : some adjustments have been made to further improve the speed of Chrome, which was already its strong point. Some useful adjustments have therefore been made. Nothing Taiwan WhatsApp Number List o be noted unfortunately, and still no extensions on the horizon. Google stays in its niche: simple, light, fast and efficient. We are far from the Firefox war machine, Google Chrome 2 is primarily aimed at the general public. This is still a much better solution than Internet Explorer… For the moment, its market share is 0.7%, placing it far behind the different versions of IE, Firefox and also Safari. In addition, Chrome began a few weeks ago an advertising campaign in the United States.

Placing It Far Behind the Different Versions

Taiwan WhatsApp Number List
Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

They brought out for the occasion an old video made in Google Japan. The result is to be seen.In this stream of attempts, a US site really amused me: My life is average. Total opposite of fifteen-second wanna-be celebrities (updated equivalent, at a time when everything is faster, of the Taiwan WhatsApp Number List prophecy), the people who put themselves on stage have in common to live daily scenes totally banal . No interest therefore, forget the romantic side, the excesses, the fabrications and other inventions, you will only find a feeling of deja vu here . A good way to get back on the ground! Here are a few selected tracks to get you in the mood:

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