Geekdom: Lio Presents a Show About

This is the event of this early afternoon on Twitter. Sci-Fi , the channel specializing in science fiction, will launch a show this summer on geeks . It will be presented by… Lio and Nicolas Deuel . Entitled Geek Dom, it will try to better understand the geek and his habits. We do not yet know the Qatar WhatsApp Number List of the show, especially if the Internet angle will be used. The movement to popularize concepts still obscure to the majority therefore continues. The banana singer says it herself, the geek is chic . It was therefore enough to put it on the front of the stage.

Will Launch a Show This Summer on Geeks

After the Twitter surge in recent weeks, will the media continue to integrate the web into their content? After trying to counter the movement by discrediting it, it seems that its integration is the new way. Whether on radio or TV, the web has become one of the safe bets in terms of audience . The buzz, habits of Qatar WhatsApp Number List other offbeat sites now feed the chronicles. Understanding often remains very limited, we will see if GeekDom breaks the rule. As for Lio, the choice may surprise. A new snub for a bill already very unpopular with the general public, web players and specialists in the matter.

After Trying to Counter the Movement

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Qatar WhatsApp Number List


So much the worse for Brussels, which had welcomed the “ clarification provided by the French Constitutional Council ”. Everyone agrees on one point, illegally downloading music online is wrong. Especially since there are many free means of access. Dailymotion has also Qatar WhatsApp Number List a new access to the music videos it hosts: the daily50. The latter is also badly named, since it seems to be updated once a week. This ranking offers you to discover the 50 most watched clips on the site. It always comes back to the same thing, quality and quantity don’t necessarily go hand in hand, and I had a hard time finding titles that I like. This may not be your case! The buzzes hold the upper hand, with the distressing Make the girl dance and its parody in the first two places.

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