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The traditional vision of Project Management understood as discipline. Methods for optimizing project management is no longer sufficient today. The company needs a management approach for projects that is complete and effective.  In which the single project represents the means to contribute to the achievement of the company’s strategic objectives. There is therefore the ne for a proposal that elaborates a complete process starting from. The definition of a strategy and its objectives at company level which defines controls and maintains a balanc. Effective portfolio of projects for strategic purposes which outline unique rules. Procedures to manage projects enhancing their potential in a cohesive vision.

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A widespread culture of project management The India Phone Number introduction of the PMO in companies therefore requires the definition of new processes. Also the creation of a widespread culture of Project Management. Strong internal commitment becomes crucial since the new tool available to top management guarantees the correct vision of the project portfolio by enhancing the planning processes, support in the allocation and management of resources and above all the monitoring and control of results. Uniformity of information thus makes alignment with business strategy more efficient.

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The PMO function then determines the rules, scans and supervises the global work of all the corporate entities involved. It is in fact evident the need to maintain uniformity in project management even within the various line directions with a clear communication of the business strategy at all levels of the company and with an integrated coordination of the portfolio of projects and services. . PPM solutions The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) market in Italy is not yet so large today but these solutions are of particular interest for medium or large companies because they become a fundamental support in the strategic and operational management of their project portfolio

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