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I want you to stop and think about something for a second. Try to remember the last time you visit a website that has good, solid content but reads like a technical manual. What I say is factual and helpful, but not terribly compelling.

Maybe you are wondering how to gap the spark plugs. You search, Ivory Coast Phone Number List you follow links, and you find a blog on target that tells you how to do what you want. The instruction and site as a whole was dry but very informative. You see, you take notes and then go out and use what you have learned. What’s next?

To Capture the Interests of Our Site

Think about the last time something on the site really caught your interest – no matter the topic. Maybe blogging about an emotional piece about how she’s never seen her kids due to her work and is determined to find a way to work at home so she can see them more. Maybe a writer is insightful and eccentric, saying all kinds of things that strike you as strange. Or maybe you read which ones you laughed out loud.

Ivory Coast Phone Number List
Ivory Coast Phone Number List

Did you go back to that site? Well, assuming the target is remotely related to you, there’s a good chance you’ve done it. Are you curious if the blogger will leave her job. You don’t know if you’ll be more eccentric thinkers. You wish you would find more to laugh about.

Teach Through Hands-on Experience

You came back because the site was interesting . If you want your blog to have a regular, engaged readership, keep this in mind: People come because of the information you provide, but usually only stay if you provide it in a way that interests them. Here are four things I found that will keep those people back. 1. Teach through hands-on experience Consider inserting yourself into what might otherwise be a purely factual lesson or a set of step-by-step instructions. Just adding a personal touch is enough to create a sense of connection between you and your readers. One person who does this really well is customer service specialist Steve Curtain.

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