Forum CCU Rewards


On 8 May the prizes of the third edition of the Forum UCC Collaboration. Unifi Communication were award in Milan. The initiative organized by Forum CC in collaboration with Astray Alcove  Broad soft, IBM, Plantations. Telecom Italia – has rewarded companies that have distinguish themselves in the implementation of. Collaboration projects aim at improving productivity communication and structure corporate organization.

Forum CCU Rewards The Best Companies


The projects were screened by a commission made up of Ecuador Phone Number Polo Amazonian, AHA Information Systems Manager; Gabriel Chilies, Head of Unified Communication EN; Valerie Vertebra, CS Italy Chapter Legal & Privacy Director Alejandro Musician, President of the Club of Managers of Information Technologies of Rome and Head of Information Systems for the Italian Railways Marco Whetting, professor of Humanistic Management at the. University of Pa via Fellatio Respire and Alejandro Pisa Polytechnic of Milan Guillermo. Department of Electronic Engineering La Sapiens University of Rome Giuseppe Dona ti CC Forum.


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For the Enterprise category the first prize was award to. Auto grill for the enterprise portal and the platform for providing services of. Unifi Communication and Collaboration in the cloud to support collaboration models.


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