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But that order is not all. In total, 3 factors Pakistan Phone Number play a role that give our language a strong masculine character. Order – the man is mentioned first Nouns – most nouns are conjugated with masculine being Professional designations – the male profession is the starting point here Based on this, only one conclusion seems possible: women Pakistan Phone Number are disadvantaged in the Dutch language. Texts are almost always masculine. In science there is even a name for this: male bias . Is the male bias a problem? Yes. More on that later. First an Pakistan Phone Number explanation of the three factors that make the Dutch language masculine.

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Women are disadvantaged in the Pakistan Phone Number Dutch language Looking at gender bias through glasses. 1. Male – Female Order If both sexes are mentioned in a (linguistic) equal way, the woman always comes second. Have a look at the examples below. Then I pronounce you husband and wife Dear Sir / Madam Anyone want to take his or her Pakistan Phone Number coat from the chair All boys and girls like to collect! Turning around is almost impossible: ‘ Then I pronounce you wife and husband’ . In that variant, the gender suddenly receives an unprecedented Pakistan Phone Number amount of emphasis. You don’t really want that as a copywriter, unless you have a specific substantive goal.

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And it goes even further. Imagine a Pakistan Phone Number teacher yelling to a group of students, ” Guys, come on now. The break is over .’ Would this sentence sound really crazy if there was also a girl among the group of boys? Not too bad. Boys has become a generic name for the group of young people. Now let’s turn it around: ‘ Girls, come on now’. With this sentence you do not expect that there is also a boy among the group of girls. Crazy right? Also read: Equality Pakistan Phone Number as a theme in marketing & corporate culture Exception There is also an exception to the previous order rule. Think of a circus: ‘ Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. May I have Pakistan Phone Number your heartfelt applause for First of all, there is a contradiction.

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