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Italians like connection 73% of workers say they are always connect. Available  61% feel more productive because it optimizes transfer times  more than half keep everything under control. Work and private life, and 42% he retrieves the information he needs in real time.This is what emerges from the Nielsen research commissioned by Microsoft in June. With 500 online interviews with workers and 300 students.

For Digital Italians Have Everything

In particular, being able to control everything Hong Kong Phone Number from the mobile device is a requirement for 49% of the over 50s, while it reaches 63% among the under 35s, not really digital natives but used to highly digitized work contexts. Furthermore investments in technology by the company simplify working life for 66% of respondents. Increase efficiency for 60% and help organize time better for 43%. And although different tools are still us for different functions 47% would like. A single device to meet all their personal professional needs. Above all women would like to be even easier in the daily use of technology that now accompanies us everywhere.

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The personal computer is still consider the number one for sending and receiving emails. For searching for information (53%) for reading. Editing documents (54% of workers and 48% of students), but also for shopping online (64%). To manage commissions (64%) and book holidays (64%).  However it is considered bulky by the majority (59%). With batteries still too weak to use remotely (63%). The smartphone on the other hand holds the record for chatting (57%) and for social networks (53%). While the tablet is the most used for reading newspapers online(48%) and for recreational activities (43%), still linked to the personal sphere and entertainment rather than to work. In fact, although it is easy to use for 76% of the sample and fast for 57%, the same majority (60%) consider it hardly usable in the professional field.


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