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The problem also with the launch of the “Cyber ​​Jedi” project which in its pilot version. Will start in September this year. To access the experimentation a national competition was launch aim at identifying among secondary school students. The most brilliant in computer disciplines in order to offer them specific training.

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The objectives are to offer a “digital” teaching that Dominican Republic Phone Number goes beyond the digitization of standard programs and represents a real paradigm shift, as well as providing students with the latest tools for a possible job placement in sectors centered on technology and its areas of use. For the university, an alternative teaching model comes from the American Massive Open Online Courses with online lessons. Courses that are open, free and accessible to all.


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Glocus’s recipe for Italy And in Italy? The Glocus recipe provides for a simplification of labor legislation, introduction of flexsecurity with forms of flexibility in terms of costs for the company, provisions for the world of training, introduction of internships in secondary school, strengthening of language teaching foreign countries and reorganization of degree courses with the realignment of the percentage of GDP invested in education to the average of other European countries.

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