Where Digital Marketing Fails – Missed Opportunity For Growth

Marketers continue to miss out on an enormous Canadian CFO Email List opportunity for growth. Many buy into content strategy and inbound marketing, but they’re often overlooking how significant SEO is to their overall success. All too often left to a developer or marketing function that claims to ‘get it’; it’s an area requiring a deep understanding and specialized knowledge to offer insight and direction for optimal results.

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When you run the numbers, it becomes clear that it’s probably your biggest channel for acquisition.

While social media provides a distribution channel for content strategy, a lot of companies either take a passive approach to SEO, or they don’t utilize search to it’s full potential, if at all. Often because it isn’t properly understood, or past experiences leaving them jaded. This is not an excuse, and an oversight really.

Breaking It Down

There are 2 aspects to search engine optimization, and broken down they are on-page and off-page optimization. While many will focus on the on-page aspect, the reality of this is that it is a small part of SEO in terms of its effectiveness. Don’t misunderstand that it isn’t important. But off-page optimization is what has the most influence over organic results.

If you had to generalize, the on-page component probably makes up less than 20% of what SEO can do for you. All the tweaking of title and Meta tags only takes you so far. In the case of large sites such as e-commerce or other websites that tend to have hundreds of thousands of pages, the overall percentage of on-page optimization can be double in its effectiveness as there are more ‘long tail’ opportunities to work with. By this, I’m referring to longer and more specific search queries that might be 5 or more words, such as brand plus model plus color or another attribute.

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