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Finally, the envisioning center will be the scene of simulations in particular industrial contexts in which Microsoft. Its partners will show how technology solves problems related to role, process and industry. The ultimate goal is to help business decision makers imagine the future of their reality thanks to the correct use of technology.The conducting threads between the three environments are Mobility, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Social Enterprise, i.e. the technological trends capable of enabling the digital transformation of companies.The Microsoft Technology Center is accessible in the Microsoft Italy headquarters, in Peschiera Borromeo

Enterprise Mobility Management

In terms of new working habits, albeit slowly, the France Phone Number habit of working in places other than the office is spreading and, already today, more than half of employees, managers and executives work on the move for part of their working hours. outside its headquarters (mostly in other company offices and by customers, but also in coworking spaces or on means of transport). Yet the professionals actually “ready” – due to cultural and organizational predisposition – to become Smart Workers are still 20%of the total, a percentage that struggles to take off due to obstacles related to unforeseeable and schedulable activities, the lack of involvement in decisions by the boss, and the limited autonomy in defining working hours.

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In short doing Smart Working in Italy is possible and the signs are encouraging. Thanks to the growing attention of companies the availability of digital technologies. The propensity of people to interaction and virtual relationships. But the way to rethink work organization models is only at the beginning. During the conference to present the results of the Observatory. Smart Working Awards were delivered to American Express  for the Blue Work project.

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