Enter a Sales Funnel if the User Works

Enter a sales funnel: if the user works with a sales Azerbaijan Phone Number funnel and has resources or services to offer, with their free content you will enter the sales funnel created for the purpose of promoting their services. Publicize a product or service of the user. Work on your personal brand as an expert in Azerbaijan Phone Number your sector. There are many options that you have to offer free content to your potential client, but today I want to focus on free webinars as a recruitment tool for the sale of your info product.

Sales Funnel if the User Works

You need a good launch strategy for your products Azerbaijan Phone Number and services, especially if they require a high investment to acquire the service you are going to offer. Probably, it is not enough for you to just develop a free webinar, but you will need to reinforce it with advertising on Facebook and Instagram, a good sales funnel and a launch strategy with some kind of discount to encourage the user. There are two ways to conduct Azerbaijan Phone Number webinars: live or automated.

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Sales Funnel if the User Works

Today we are going to focus on getting clients. Azerbaijan Phone Number but before telling you about the techniques and. Strategies that you can use to attract them to your services. You have to take into Account that it costs much more to attract a client than to keep it, so, once you have obtained. Clienhaving a lead Azerbaijan Phone Number magnet, that is, a free resource that adds value to your potential client. Will help you make yourself known and that you can start working on an inbound marketing strategy to reach a time when you can sell your products and/or services. A good lead magnet can be an ebook, a free advice.

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