Engagement at Half Mast on Instagram Social Network Continues

The instagram social network continues to attract new users. Today, it has surpassed one billion active users worldwide. In france, 17 million people have been won over. The growing number of users. And therefore of published content, prompted instagram to change. The way in which publications are displayed in the news feed in 2016. It is therefore an algorithm that has been favored to govern. The news feed instead of the chronological order initially established. Users, brands, and influencers have not welcomed the arrival of this algorithm. And for good reason. Users had the impression of missing a certain number of publications from the accounts they follow.

His New Algorithm Is Subject to Controversy

However, studies regularly highlight the fact that engagement on Instagram is indeed in decline. By influencerdb and relayed by mobile marketer and le blog du modérateur. Your social media agency looks back on its results. A drop in the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List engagement rate for influencers according to the study. We can clearly observe a drop in the engagement rate. In particular on the publications of influencers. Whether it’s their organic posts or their sponsored posts. We note that their engagement rate has decreased since 2016. As a reminder, that’s when Instagram opted for an algorithm.

The Engagement Rate for Organic Posts Fell From 4%

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The more followers influencers have, the lower the engagement rate. Indeed, the study shows that influencers who have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers have an average engagement rate of 8.8%. For those with between 5,000 and 10,000 followers, their rate is 6.3%. Finally. Those with more than 10,000 followers have an engagement rate of 3.6%, but this has remained stable since 2016. These results are not surprising. The fact that users feel closer to micro-influencers than to macro-influencers. Who for some have become celebrities.

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