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A few weeks ago, I saw this tweet from Johnny B. truant : If I were Frida Kahlo, I would paint myself without the unibrow. Or at least realized I need a tweezer. Johnny made me smile. Then he got me thinking.

Would we remember Frida Kahlo today if she hadn’t cheekily left her Jamaica Phone Number List brows natural, and sported a wisp of mustache on her upper lip? We may. Her work is memorable and intensely personal. She is considered by many to be one of the most important artists of the 20th century. But from what I’ve read, Frida is too smart for the chance of her popularity and reputation to leave.

Start With Sincerity

She broke the convention of the day and left her eyebrows and upper lip to stand out in their most natural ways. That’s of course the short element that made her memorable overall style. Everything about her – from her looks to her paintings to her personal life – join forces to create a powerful message.

Jamaica Phone Number List
Jamaica Phone Number List

You can do the same thing without a brow pencil. start with sincerity When Frida was a teenager, she rode a bus that collided with a tram. She broke her spine and pelvis and broke her right leg. She suffered severe pain for the rest of her life and was in and out of hospital surgery since then. Then she spent a lot of time alone and started painting to fill those hours. The Position Taken

The Position Taken

It gave her a way of expression and helped define her life. As writers, we bring our life experiences to our keyboards. Our best work comes from tapping into our love life and sharing some of it when we talk to our readers. Frida paints her pain, her joy, her frustration. She could have been a charming blogger. Do you share some of your life experiences with your audience? You don’t have to overshare (really!).

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