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Here is the 67th edition of the Tickets of the week. You will once again find three series of 6 tickets not to be missed classified in 3 categories. Small novelty this week (suggested by darklg ), the highlighting of a particular post in each category. Good discovery ! Tools and services videoSearch for videos: some tools : a list of sites to carry out your video monitoring. On the same subject, do not hesitate to consult the post Italy WhatsApp Number List best videos on the web . But also Reusing images online: between Copyright, Copyleft and Copydown? : an archi-complete post on the legal obligations regarding the use of images. Twitter penetration over the years : in image, it is necessarily more striking. 10 tips for plagiarizing articles without worries :

Ideal for Illustrating Your Posts and Your Analyses

To be taken literally, of course! 7 online services to create graphics : ideal for illustrating your posts and your analyses. The site of the day: 41 image and icon search engines for designers : that’s a lot! If you’re a fan of the genre, be sure to check out my list of 26 free icon sources . Web news and reflections , defining a strategy V1 : a very comprehensive and very well-written post on the strategies to adopt in terms of e-reputation. But also Olivier Croce & Francis Lelong: Recruitment via social networks: tips and tricks to better use social networks to recruit. Is the Italy WhatsApp Number List ripe for recruitment via social networks? : still on the same topic. Yes, there is potential, to say that social networks have supplanted traditional recruitment would be an intellectual scam.

You Will Once Again Find Three Series

Italy WhatsApp Number List
Italy WhatsApp Number List

A little, but not that much… Who has the biggest cock on Twitter? : yes, it is easy to cheat. No, do not believe the wanna-be experts in the field who boast of  followers. Thierry Crouzet demonstrates this, backed up by experience. May outside observers listen to him. Bypass Hadopi, the press gItaly WhatsApp Number List if that’s not the height. Relaxation geopolitics Geopolitics of Real TV : who earns the most in reality TV? Here is an in-depth study of the winners’ home regions. From Henry Michel in the text. But also… Problem of 140 characters in business: fortunately in real life, we are not limited to 140 characters to express ourselves, like on Twitter.

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