Digital Italy

Ass inform Assassinate Ass inter CAN CIT Unidiomatic. Confab have sign a framework agreement with the Agency for Digital Italy (Ag ID). With this act the collaboration between the IT associations and the body that coordinates. Innovation actions to promote ICT technologies in support of the PA becomes operational. Public Administration to businesses passing through the training system and digital literacy spread throughout the territory. The agreement that sees the industrial associations. The PA unit together is the starting point for the establishment of a working group.

Digital Italy Agreement Between


Reiterate the importance of a joint effort New Zealand Phone Number towards. The digitization of our country the words of the Director of.  AgID Agostino Ragosa There is no technological innovation program that does not require strong Digital Competence. The birth of the Observatory is the right complement to the success of the program. Only by monitoring and measuring the development of digital skills. From basic skills to high specializ skills to e-leadership.New Zealand Phone Number

Concretely companies respon to the call by dedicating their energy. Overcoming divisions Italy starting from the theme of computer literacy and digital skills.

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