Digital Identity: What Scares Recruiters Away

Recruiters increasingly use the web to find out about candidates. This increasing googling must encourage those looking for work to build a quality online reputation. This can go through an active strategy (job blog, profiles on social networks, etc.) but also through cleaning up negative information sown here and there. But what can these famous negative traces be? Microsoft conducted the survey as part of Data Privacy Day 2010, a day devoted to data protection also supported by Google, China WhatsApp Number List . Beautiful people for a real problem! Privacy is precisely at the center of the attention of recruiters. Note in passing that 70% of American recruiters have already refused an application because of negative traces online… In the top 3 reasons why a recruiter has rejected a candidate, we find inappropriate comments or texts, doubts about the mode of the person’s life and compromising photos/videos.

This Can Go Through an Active Strategy

But that’s not all… You can see a dozen reasons on this graph:rejection recruiters Microsoft has also released a comprehensive document on the impact of digital identity on working life. 87 pages to explore to better understand the problem. Click on the image to open the China WhatsApp Number List .Here is the news of the Rhône-Alpes employment blogs. Good news to start with, Adeline has just signed a permanent contract and is therefore ending her interim period! Bertrand found a new job a few months ago. He introduces us to his new business. Claudine had an appointment at the AFPA for additional training in her research. Hope everything goes well. Savoyard wonders about the status of auto-entrepreneur: tempting but still limited. Evelyne has a new CV for her new research. She is waiting for your feedback.

Bertrand Found a New Job a Few Months Ago

China WhatsApp Number List
China WhatsApp Number List

Claude tests Solidworks. François takes a closer look at Joomla, a powerful solution for setting up e-commerce sites. Christophe demonstrates his skills through a practical case, one of his previous experiences. Cédric has just changed the address of his blog, don’t forget to follow him! Philippe explains the 5 whys rule, a solution used for problem solving, especially in industry. Did you know that you can learn more about China WhatsApp Number List through a color test? Go to Pauline to find out more. Leslie presents a document retracing the advantages of employing a young graduate. Dear employer friends, do not forget it! And finally, Buy my brain is full of projects and is questioning itself at the start of the year. If you’re looking for a communicator, go read her, she’s a real talent.

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