Destroy sites with dragons. What?

At a time not so long ago, Facebook did not mobilize attention. To relax online, Internet users did not use Farmville or Pat the dog. Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe! Simple and useless online applications flourished and were generally quite successful. This is of course the case today as well, but the phenomenon has nevertheless lost its Bahrain WhatsApp number list  For nostalgic who knew Netdisaster before it closed its doors, here is an equivalent a little less developed and put online for the needs of the promotion of the new DreamWorks, Dragon. The principle is therefore the same: choose a web page and have fun destroying it. You have less choice of weapons, you will only be able to use dragons. However, there are 4 different ones with various effects. It can always help relieve the nerves! Bacon, ninjas, zombies or unicorns . Just that !

Choose a Web Page and Have Fun Destroying It

Many browser comparisons exist online. Often humorous, sometimes more serious, they leave a lot to the authors’ subjectivity and personal preferences. This drawing of the day is signed CollegeHumor, the kings of US Bahrain WhatsApp number list . It answers a question that we have all asked ourselves at one time or another: what if navigators were means of transport, what would they look like? Here is an answer item with the comparison of Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. A little preview to show you the spirit: iefirefox car More on CollegeHumor Want a more serious comparison? It is possible with Browser scope. This site compares different versions of the 5 flagship browsers on hundreds of technical criteria. You will probably be amazed at the results.

This Drawing of the Day Is Signed Collegehumor

Bahrain WhatsApp Number List
Bahrain WhatsApp Number List

The iPhone is the most widely used smartphone. Orange, which sells 60% of iPhones in France, has already sold more than a million and a half , that is to say. Bahrain WhatsApp number list t is attractive, but it is above all the applications that have made the success of this model. More than 125,000 applications available, there is a choice. But how to find it? The iPhone-company site has just launched a useful guide for all iPhone owners. It lists the 100 best applications of the moment! No unnecessary games or apps, the selection was made on qualitative criteria to allow you to be more productive. A nice effort, I advise you to download it, it is free. Click on the image to download the eBook The top 100 iPhone apps .

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