Dessin : Les Parents Et La Technologie

The Internet has become commonplace, as have mobile phones, flat screens and many other high-tech objects. ! Not everyone is aware of the latest WordPress plugin or the latest Twitter Cambodia WhatsApp Number List. Some bases even remain to be consolidated, as shown in this drawing by (thank you!). Parents and technology are sometimes a dangerous mix! Yates, which the editorial staff had already presented to you, is a blog centered on the trainee experience of its author.

Some Bases Even Remain to Be

His main qualities? Spicy humor and realism that will bring back memories. To know it better, here is a more complete presentation.  Daily life is the key element of my inspiration. I depict real moments which, in my opinion, are comical or even pathetic like here, when my father Cambodia WhatsApp Number List to me in M&M’s… proof that technology moves very quickly! In my drawings I can be a real moth too! I also draw moments that annoy me a lot! Besides, that’s why I created a blog to let off steam on the injustices that my employers and employees make me suffer because yes I am an intern, more precisely in an advertising agency…

Deaily Life Is the Key Elment of My Inspiration

Cambodia WhatsApp Number List
Cambodia WhatsApp Number List

This one stuck with me a “trainee” label on the forehead which annoys me to the highest point that’s why I hastened to describe my ordeal through this blog . I’m laying down a few taboos, thinking that a few people will recognize themselves in them and will be able to testify in  fashionable at the moment: summarizing a concept or taking stock of the situation in a single Cambodia WhatsApp Number List . It’s punchy and generally well done enough to offer a lot of useful information. Of course, this does not replace analysis, but the effort is noticeable. I previously introduced you to the Internet around the world in one picture . We find out who blogs, And lots of other information!

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