David Ogilvy Is One of the Original

Killers are a means to an end.” If you are both a killer Georgia Phone Number and a poet, you get rich. ~David Ogilvy Who knows, the dead Scottish guy ad, written 25 years ago, so succinctly captures what the three tribes are all about? But if you’re a history fan of advertising like me, you won’t be surprised. David Ogilvy is one of the original (and great) madmen Australia Phone Number List with a brilliant and effective Georgia Phone Number business know-how combined with art. He got very witty, but he never let that clever turn get in the way of convincing clients. He uses his own experience as a basis for fantastic written ads, but he also insists on testing and measuring Georgia Phone Number responses to his ads. Ogilvy famously despises creativity for its own sake. He didn’t have the patience to get awards and accolades for publicity, but no sales.

Ogilvy Is One of the Original

For all Ogilvy’s famously dismissive creativity, Georgia Phone Number he also admits that smart applications of creativity are vital to effective advertising. Like all great writers, he understands that formulas can only take you so far. Advertising breakthroughs need a poet as much as they need Georgia Phone Number a killer. Most good copywriters are not particularly good writers . If you are, you have the potential for a significant competitive advantage. Just remember that you need grace, grace, and thoughtfulness to marry the novelty of your words to a well-thought-out business strategy. Luckily for you, part of the strategy is much easier to learn than a bit of poetry. The hard part of you can accept your inner killer. Achieving peace and making money (for you and your clients) and the desire to make something beautiful, you will be unstoppable.

Georgia Phone Number List

One of the Original

You are a direct response disciple. What work Georgia Phone Number do you study. You test and measure and keep your eyes open. You are street smart. And all of this could be very good for you. Where you get into trouble is thinking that talent doesn’t matter. Don’t want children. Talent is the difference between a $100,000 ad and a $10 million ad. Because you think it’s bad for business, don’t despise the poetry of Georgia Phone Number forgotten corners of your soul. Actually, it’s an amazing business. Everyone is creative and everyone’s child is a poet, singer, musician and artist. The only reason you quit all these things is because you are scared. That’s OK, killer, it’s time to face the really scary stuff. Put in the work and make your copy writing extraordinary. Incorporate some art into your marketing . Don’t throw away all your wacky ideas.

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