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Creating an online business implies a series of Italy Phone Number initial expenses that we have to know and assume. It is for this reason that you have. Before throwing yourself into the pool with everything,you carry out the minimum viable product strategy. Minimum viable product You never Italy Phone Number ware that not everything will work. We must control the error and what happens with it; and we must treat the launch of the product as a market test that involves the. Minimum resources and the minimum really work and I can scale it. How much time is needed to know if our project works? This question is difficult to answer because it depends Italy Phone Number on different factors, but if I tell you not to give up at first because many times it is a matter of time.

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Model and price our Italy Phone Number products and services. Depending on our project and our products or services to sell, we will need. For example, today, a website is more than necessary for your digital business, so you will need someone to develop it and take care of its maintenance. If you dedicate yourself to graphic or web design, or simply have your social networks and want to design the Italy Phone Number images, you will need to have tools such as Photoshop, or Canva.We have talked about tools but we do not forget the expenses that being self-employed entails: you will have to pay your social security quota every month, pay personal income tax and quarterly VAT declarations. It all adds up! All these needs that are essential for the correct development of your brand, will also

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Profitable and allows you to live in the conditions that you want. There are many ways in which you can calculate the hourly cost of your project, but today I am going to talk about Laura Lofer’s tool, which will help you know how much your hour is worth and how much to charge. You can Italy Phone Number find it at thir cost per hour based on a series of questions that you must answer: What is the salary you would like to have each month.The days off you want to have per year. Days of inactivity that you can anticipate. Time that you dedicate to Italy Phone Number tasks of your business that are not necessary but that do not produce an economic Italy Phone Number investment. Your fixed monthly expenses. Benefit you want to get. With these data you will obtain a result that will indicate how much is the minimum per month that you.

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