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Lip dub was the phenomenon of 2007. This concept, which consists of turning a playback sequence into a sequence shot within a company or a school, brought a fresh and spontaneous wind to classic institutional communication. Recovered quickly for marketing purposes, the overdose was reached quickly. Yet they continue to Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List, all looking alike and bringing nothing more than a vague sense of deja vu (at best) or strong rejection. Among this flood of videos without much interest (apart from perhaps a motivation of internal collaborators?) sometimes emerge a few nuggets. It’s been a long time since I’ve come across one, but the one published by Damien on BeFauredeserves a look.

Recovered Quickly for Marketing Purposes

It was shot by art students from Nihon University in Japan. And who says Japan says crazy clip, surreal appearances and Pikachu (yes). So offbeat that they don’t even bother to pretend to sing! On the music side, it’s Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List feeling by the Black eyed peas. Not brand new, but not to be missed. A beautiful UFO for a great moment! Via Be Faure Edit : definitely, the lip dub makes you cringe, especially when it uses for the 47th time ” I gotta a feeling ” by the Black eyed peas. The proof with this parody of lip dub produced by iXmedia to wish Internet users a happy new year. Well seen ! Seen at One day with.The case caused a stir in its last days. Google, victim of a major computer attack , threatens to leave China .

The Case Caused a Stir in Its Last Days

Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List
Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List

The market is huge, however, and the shortfall is more on the side of Google than the government and Chinese entrepreneurs. Web censorship in China has been known for a long time. Some sites also offer to surf as in China to realize it. The blog Information is beautiful offers a striking image to perceive this censorship. In red, the prohibited keywords. In black, Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List. No doubt, we are lucky to sail as we wish. May it last .Do you also want to create your own generator? No problem, this site lets you do it. . You can also discover the creations of others. generator land Sency This real-time search engine gives you the latest hot news, lets you search, and even offers you the hottest links on a specific topic. service The Future Internet: Web 3.0 Service Not really a service, but an interesting video about the future of the web.

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