Connecting With Readers Is the Essence

Connecting with readers is the essence of blogging. The opening by Bolivia Phone Number comments is a first step. It is also possible to use various systems to chat live from your blog with passing Internet users. This can be useful on a daily basis or on the occasion of particular events (anniversary of a blog, virtual meeting, guest, etc.). From “basic” chats to slightly more  here are 8 methods to engage in live discussion with your visitors. 1 – MSN It is possible to offer a direct link from your blog to your MSN mailbox . Your visitors will be able to chat with you (if your messenger is open) without adding you as a contact or viewing your email address.

Possible to Use Various Systems

Msn Learn more about featuring MSN on your blog 2 Pluto In the same spirit as the MSN widget, Pluto offers to link your blog and your various instant messengers. The choice is wider here, you can opt for MSN, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ  You are spoiled for choice! plugoo More info on Plugoo 3 – 99 cats Registration is mandatory, the chat window is then Sweden WhatsApp Number List to your wishes. Quick to set up, it will allow, unlike the two tools mentioned above, to discuss with more than two people at a time. 99cats More info on 99cats .

Bolivia Phone Number

According to Your Wishes

Miko chat Simply enter the address of your blog and the type of insertion chosen (entire chat or simple link) and the site will offer you an embed code ready to use. Be careful though, it is much larger than 99chats. mikochat 5 – Weblin A little more original than a simple window, Sweden WhatsApp Number List visitors to adopt an avatar to chat with each other (and with you). This weighs down the page and is not necessarily practical to use, but perhaps the concept will appeal to you. weblin 6 – Wooztalk Wooztalk is a mix of Weblin and a more classic chat. It allows you to exchange with Internet users present on the same site as you. Main limit, they must also be registered with the service. A good concept that is not very effective in practice.

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