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Here is the 54th edition of the Toolbox. You will find a selection of 6 online tools and resources that are worth looking at. On the program of the day, a cover of Alicia Keys and Jay-Z in entrepreneurial mode, fights of tweets or even the wise Mac vs PC summarized on one page. Good discovery ! mac vs pc All Mac vs PC ads on one page, you dreamed it, they did it! mac vs pc The filter This recommendation service Belgium WhatsApp Number List, music and other videos according to your tastes and expectations. Clear personalization. the filter Twitterwinner This site allows you to “battle” requests on Twitter. What words are the most popular? Place two words, the site will determine the winner. Nice for gauging trends in a fun way, like Google fight . twitwinner Consolib Consolib is an association for the defense of consumers and their purchasing power. Their goal ? Weigh in on the debates and denounce abuses.

Alicia Keys and Jay-z in Entrepreneurial Mode

Consolib Entrepreneur state of mind Nothing to say, when we try to “make a buzz” across the Atlantic, we don’t do things by halves. The proof with this video, which highlights new entrepreneurs. And who mainly advertises, Grasshopper being precisely a solution for entrepreneurs. Result, an excellent cover of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys! Regioneo Regioneo has an Belgium WhatsApp Number List concept: offer the best local products for sale on the directly linked to small producers. Do you join? You can then go further and become a shareholder, as Philippe tells us . Here is the presentation video.USB gadgets are growing more and more. The principle remains the same: operate a more or less unusual object by powering it via the USB port of your computer. Looking closely, there is therefore nothing extraordinary, we find the same in conventional food. But connecting them to your computer gives them a geeky look that quickly makes them cult objects.

Consolib Entrepreneur State of Mind Nothing to Say

Belgium WhatsApp Number List
Belgium WhatsApp Number List

The USB Engine A motor connected via USB to your computer. To do what ? No idea. But it’s top class. The proof in video. USB Engine HUB, plug an Engine to Belgium WhatsApp Number List PCsent by AkihabaraNews . – The latest hi-tech test video. 30 euros here. dark Vador Welcome to the dark side. His eyes shine, his head spins and he talks. Otherwise it is a hub with 4 USB ports. dark Vador 50 bucks over here The USB Lightsaber Do you feel like a Jedi? You need this USB lightsaber. Well, in reality it’s only a lamp, but shhh… lightsaber $26 over here. The rice cooker Yes you are not dreaming, it is indeed a USB rice cooker… Except that it only has the shape

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