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If you are more specific about these add-ons like personal trainer, text reader, etc. To improve your spoken english, grammarly is not for you. On the other hand, as a serious writer, you wanted to weed out simple to complex writing mistakes and make your content plagiarism-free, go with  Banner Design  grammarly. If you’re a mac user, grammarly is your tool, no questions asked. Advantages the most trusted english proofreading tool check for advanced punctuation errors powerful plagiarism checker option native desktop application for mac os no strict restrictions on the number of words to perform checks works seamlessly on google docs, ms word, etc. Comes with more formatting options detailed editorial reports the inconvenient requires internet connectivity expensive as you choose its base plans  pro writing aid.

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Prowritingaid one of the best cheaper alternatives to ginger software is prowritingaid. It has almost all the amazing features offered by grammarly. More than that, prowritingaid is popular among authors and students as a writing mentor and style checker. With thousands of hand-coded style Banner Design check rules, the tool covers the most important style improvements you can make. Like gingersoftware, it also provides online resources such as quizzes, videos, etc. To develop your writing skills. Also, it provides you with in-app suggestions and explanations on every error it highlights. Moreover, prowritingaid has more built-in resources like alliterations, collocations, clichés, anagrams, etc. For vocabulary improvement. Prowritingaid easily integrates with most everyday platforms such as ms word/outlook, google docs, scrivener, open.

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Its browser extensions for chrome, firefox, ms edge and safari allow you to check and optimize your content wherever you write online. On the other hand,   Banner Designginger has its  browser extension only for chrome and safari. By the way, using web editors, you have several options for inputting your content in the case of prowritingaid. But that’s not the case in the ginger online software

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