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I was talking to you this morning about the decline of French-speaking digg-likes . Ironically, Scoopéo , the biggest player in this market, will close its doors on May 6 at the latest… The loss of momentum in favor of other media, the difficulties in monetizing the site and the lack of time for administrators will have been right about the service. The quality of the sharply in recent months and so had the traffic… What future for French-speaking digg-likes with the end of Scoopéo ? Will another site (Blogonet?) be able to take over and retain a sufficient community? Next soon.

The Difficulties in Monetizing

Good luck to its founders, who explain themselves here. On the program of this news Tool box , lighter information. In particular, you will find a language identification service , a short URL unmasker and entertaining services Ghana WhatsApp Number List ideas. Good discovery ! matter meter Matter Meter : to measure the popularity of everything that exists, this site had the good idea to ask an existential question to complete. What if ….. didn’t exist, would you mind? Google is in the lead (91% of people who answered can’t live without it, pizza is third (only??). frowning smile Frowning smile : are you curious about the morale of your compatriots? This site allows you to visualize the % of happy or sad people according to their country of origin.

Who Explain Themselves Here

Ghana WhatsApp Number List
Ghana WhatsApp Number List

All in real time of course, China is in the lead, ahead of Zimbabwe and the Philippines… Only 64.25% of the French are happy! untiny Untiny : Tinius’s and similar services can be handy for reducing link size. But on the side of the one who clicks, it’s difficult to Ghana WhatsApp Number List you’re going to set foot… If you have any doubts, this site offers you to unmask the landing page . It works with all services of the genre. langid Lang ID : you came across a text but you don’t know in which language it is written ? Copy and paste a sentence on this site, it will take care of answering you. jollo Jollo : this free translation service offers 41 languages ​​in its base. Practical, even if this type of site is never 100% effective.

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