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“The increasingly felt need to ensure flexible and technologically Lithuania Phone Number advance access to company systems. Access traceability of personnel to comply with European. Italian regulations such as Lithuania Phone Number the Provision of the Privacy. Guarantor on the tracking of transactions on customer banking data. Continues Bulgari but for now it is appli in sporadic cases link to the initiative of individual managers. On the other hand as regards the provision of innovative devices such as tablet  computers. We are an advanced reality especially in more technological areas such as distribution.

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While banks are very constrained from the Lithuania Phone Number point of view of compliance, they are on the other hand facilitated in introducing flexibility of time and location by the collective bargaining agreement, while this is not true in other sectors, as underlin Lithuania Phone Number by Andrea Novelli, IT Infrastructure , Architecture & Application Operations of Eni . “Many contracts grant little room for maneuver, and only in specific cases, for Smart Working initiatives.


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The final goal continues Novelli is certainly to dematerialize the workplace but in a reality like. Enid with 25,000 workstations in Italy alone. Which is requir to comply Lithuania Phone Number with many national and international policies and legal. Regulatory constraints, every move must be plan. carefully “It is necessary to start from a cultural change in the assignment of IT to the user. Who must be equipp with innovative tools. While respecting the Lithuania Phone Number company security policies at that point the human resources. Management department will be able to introduce innovations in the processes and in the workstations .

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